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Grand View Lodge

Grand View Lodge was constructed in the summer of 1921 using locally harvested logs. Over the course of time, the Lodge has undergone many changes, both in form and in function, yet it has been able to retain its historic character and integrity. The changes that had been introduced to this building had greatly accelerated its deterioration. Removal of structural connections, conversion of exterior space into interior space, and significant remodeling have all affected the performance of the building.

Structural deterioration and distress included the severe outward deflection of the first floor northwest exterior log wall. The deflection of the wall, in combination with other readily observed log deterioration elsewhere on the building, had persuaded the owners to embark on a building-wide course of corrective action. Collaborative Design Group, acting as historical architect, historic preservationist, and restoration engineer, was retained to thoroughly investigate the Lodge building. The owner wanted to develop a complete understanding of the original construction, how it had been modified over the years, and the current performance of the structure. A thorough Condition Survey Report was completed, along with recommendations and estimated costs for phasing the repairs over several years. CDG prepared construction documents for the recommended repairs and provided construction administration services.

 Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge  Grand View Lodge

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